Setting up your property and bookable units

One you’ve started registering on, you’ll see an option to add the number of properties you want to register.

This should include the number of properties registered at different addresses and shouldn’t include:

  • The number of units.
  • The number of properties at the same address (for example, numerous apartments at the same address).

When you start the process, you will register your first property, adding its address. Once you’ve completed this, you can go on to register additional properties.

Each of these properties will have their own dedicated property page on (each with its own bookable units/rooms).

On the first registration page

If you’re listing a single property, simply add ‘1’ when you’re registering.

If you have multiple units within the same complex/building (at the same address), add the total number.


On the third registration page

You can set up your bookable units and the layout for each unit.

For a single unit, you can set up the number of bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.

For multiple units, set up your first unit. Add the number of  units with the same layout, then set up other units that may differ.

You’ll then see an overview page where you can add any additional units at the property.

Remember not to confuse the number of bedrooms/rooms in a unit with the number of separate units,i.e. those which can be sold individually.



If you’re selling rooms only

On the first registration page

List the number of rooms you want to list at one address.

On the third registration page

Set up the specific room types. You’ll then see an overview page where you can add any additional rooms types at the property.

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