How can I change the name of my property?

Property names can only be changed in some cases.

If your property’s undergoing a change of ownership, we recommend that you change the name.

It’s important that the property goes through the correct change of ownership process and all information is updated on our side and the property’s. You can find out more about change of ownership here.

Once this process is complete, please let us know about any name changes via the ‘Inbox’ tab in your extranet, so we can update it.

If you’re making changes to your property name, keep the following points in mind:

  • Use specific, unique names which will not confuse the customer.
  • Think about people doing a search for the name on Google. What would you type to find this property?
  • Users tend to type in as little as possible to find the results they want to find.
  • Avoid using punctuation marks such as double quotes (“”), asterisks (*) and ‘at’ signs (@). Ampersands (&), however, offer a way to shorten the name.

Don’t capitalise whole words (although acronyms can be used), for example ‘Apartment VL Amsterdam’, instead of ‘Apartment VL AMSTERDAM’.


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