How do I create a deal with no meal plan?

When a new deal is created, we always copy over the meal plan from your main ‘parent’ rate (i.e. your standard rate). If you don’t offer rates without meal plans, the best thing to do is create a non-meal plan rate. You can easily set this up by yourself:

1. Open the Rates & Availability tab and click on Rate categories.

2. You can either click Edit to adjust the existing rates, or click Add new Rate category to create a new rate.

3. To create a non-meal plan rate, leave all the options in the 'Which meal plan' section unticked. Click Review rate category and then Save rate category in the next step.

Once you have created a non-meal plan rate category, you can go to the Promotions tab and create a new promotion deal.

In Which rates section, select your non-meal plan rate.

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