How is my review score calculated?

Each time you receive a review, or whenever a review expires, it takes 48 hours for our system to synchronise all platforms (extranet, public page, etc) with the extranet information to be displayed on the website when the updates are complete. The approval date of the last reviews therefore affect when the updates will take place.

Guests can evaluate with 4 smiley or sad faces, each counting for a score of 2.5. So we calculate your score by adding up all the individual categories' scores and dividing the sum by the total number of reviewed categories.

For example, we sum up the scores for Cleanliness, Comfort, Location, Facilities, Staff and Value For Money, and we divide this number by 6 (we don’t take into consideration the Free WiFi category since it’s an optional one).

So each single review that comes in won’t make an immediate impact on your property average score.

Reviews automatically expire after 24 months. The system will need another 48 hours to recalculate your average score and publish it on your page.

Reviews that are older than 24 months are deleted automatically so that the most relevant and recent reviews appear to customers. This means the review score will change over time.


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