What happens when a guest cancels or doesn't arrive at my property?

Sometimes guests cancel their bookings, or simply don’t turn up on the day.

You don’t have to worry about being charged commission if that happens – you’ll only pay for guests who stay at your property. Just be sure to always let us know about the cancellation, so that the booking isn’t included in your monthly invoice. You can do this easily via our system, or ask the guest to click ‘Cancel’ in their confirmation email.

As a way of reducing your cancellations, you can ask guests for a deposit when they make a booking – something that you can set up with just a couple of clicks. You can also set up your own cancellation policies in the system – so that if your guest cancels within your specified number of days of the arrival date, you can still charge them part (or all) of the booking fee.

No shows

If a guest doesn’t arrive at all, the procedure is really simple. You just have to go into the system and mark the guest as a ‘no show’. Once you confirm that the guest hasn’t arrived, the booking will be cancelled and you won’t be charged any commission.

You can mark the guest as a ‘no show’ by clicking on the guest’s booking details on the ‘Reservations’ tab in the extranet.

The ‘Mark as a no show’ button is active for 48 hours, starting at 00:00 after the confirmed check-in date.

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