How does the Guest Review system work?

Guest Reviews are a really important part of They help customers find out more about your property – and can be a powerful way of convincing people to book with you. Unlike many other websites, we only show reviews from guests who have stayed with you – meaning that your page will only feature real experiences from real guests.

After a guest has stayed at your property, they’ll get an email asking to submit a review. They’ll have the chance to rate their stay based on a range of factors, including facilities, staff and location. Our system then automatically calculates an overall score out of ten, which will appear on the website along with any extra comments the guest makes.

As the property owner, you can respond to the reviews – allowing you to thank the guest or clarify any misunderstandings.

At the end of the year, we send out Guest Review Awards to our highest-scoring properties. If guests have given you an average score of eight or more for the year, you’ll get a virtual sticker that you can put on your own website – so the world will know that guests love staying at your property.

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