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    Hi Danie, I had a same issue with a house on outskirts of Dubrovnik Croatia last summer :)

    The thing is that guests do search for certain city and if you are outside of it your property will show only when the city capacities fill up and the search results start stretch outside of it. 

    But good thing is that guests do not only search for cities but also they search for counties and regions too.

    For example many of them will not put in just Dubrovnik in my case but will search for Dubrovnik Riviera. I suggest you go on and search the region or county and see the properties there: it will help if you can join Preferred Program (if you are eligible it is under Opportunity Center Tab) and also to experiment with Deal Of The Day promotion that will place your property to be first in search result within the region at least. 

    Hope this was helpful :)


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    Priscilla Gallo

    Hi Danie, I live in a remote area and my suburb is not known. We have a historic village a short distance away and I use this as my sub location. When guests search, my property is listed as 'close to the village'. My location is on the map provided so guests can choose if they book with us. I am happy with my regular booking results.

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    Great answer Priscilla,

    Make them want to come there offer loco food and dinners if there is no dinning placed close by that is what we did here we are in a well traveled city but our Inn is on the edge of town in a food desert only fast food and not that good. So I offer dinner to make their stay a little more Pleasing. 4 to 10 courses Depending on the crowd.

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