How to get more bookings in low season

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    M Adamopoulou

    Yes I agree lowering prices for low season. It works!!!!

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    We too are running close on 100% during high season - this bell curve of income is what keeps you going in the 'off' season. As a ski resort you have a problem in that there is no reason for being there except to use you as a holiday with no ski ing intended - we have people coming to us off season because they don't like the heat of our peak season and now have regular returning guests.

    You will need to appeal to a totally different customer in off season - these will be people looking at having a break at a discount - however your discount should not be so great that you are offering accommodation, utilities, cleaning costs and wear an tear of linen and decors for what amounts to the water from a boiled egg.

    Factor in costs, add a modest extra and see what happens - if you cannot fill your rooms then take quality time off or use the time to decorate for the peak season when you are full. You may wish to adjust your peak rate to earn yourself a little extra to soften the blow for being empty off season.

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    Something else you might want to consider is targeting business users where the off season weather is not an issue. An example is conferences (ideal if you have a dining hall that will convert into a conference hall). Other ideas are interest groups, we have had language courses, seminars of budding authors, and hypnotherapy courses, amateur painters etc. 

    I imagine the sky is the limit. Find these groups and offer discounts on group bookings. You then get to be full out of season - groups tend to all go out together so cleaning the rooms is easier as you don't have the 'don't disturb' brigade holding up room cleaning until they wake up.

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    Villa Junona Croatia

    During all "low seasons" there are weekends. And there are people who want to spend them somewhere, not staying at home. So, having a hotel staying straight at the beachfront we see that when the high season ended people start coming without booking a room in advance. they either use "last minute deal" or just come "from the street".

    That´s why we decided to use Facebook and Instagram advertising- We start it Wednesday evening and keep running till Saturday morning. We target it to our neighbor countries, to people who can reach us within 5-4 hours by car - not too far to go for a sea weekend.

    Actually. last week spending only 2 euro for advertising we got 6 rooms (30% of our capacity) occupied from Friday till Monday,

    We repeated tis action this week and will see what happens.

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    I am learning from you and enjoying my self with these stories till I find clients to com to my place. My property is in new Cairo, Egypt and in the heart of a well off area and near to all historic areas in Cairo and Giza such as the pyramids, the sphinx and the Egyptian musuem. Do you have customers.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Villa Junona Croatia your suggestions are very helpful. Facebook and Instagram really work I also had some guests coming to me.

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    ahoteiby You asked how long it took to get the first client. If I am not mistaken it was one week or so after signing up with and I kept getting clients but now looking at some of the prices I charged (even though it was February) I think I was charging too little but I soon upped the prices to more realistic levels. 

    Now I have one month with no bookings at all - December - maybe it is still too early - but what do other hosts experience in December in countries where December is wet and cold?

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    Hello Neil

    Drop your pricing, do some promotions, you can do your own promotions through BDC or do the ones they have offered. Check out the competitions rates. Go on the rate intelligence BDC offers, this helps with your pricing correctly. 

    Location means everything. Luckily here, (in NY state, US) We are about a mile from a very popular Ski area/Outdoor Adventure Park.. which this winter season there, everything will be brand new. They have renovated almost everything. So we will attract the skiers (depending on the snow and temps). Actually getting our first snowfall tonight. I say Ski Area because its not a resort, so no lodging there. From our Motel at night, you can see the lights of the ski/snowboard trails. There is a beautiful restaurant at the Mountain (not affiliated with the Ski Area) that the views are amazing. We also have a very popular hiking trails within 4 miles from us. 

    We have on and off season rates. As well as Holiday rates. 

    Good luck to you !! Everyone here has great advise. 

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    Lodumo Guesthouse

    Hie Neil
    It's good that your are fully booked from April to October.
    Your low period could be the best time then to prepare for your busy period through small renovations.If in any case you don't need this,I agree with Eugenia on dropping your price to attract Traveller's who are on lean budget.

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    Hello from Australia. We have had a BIG increase in bookings as soon as we allowed pets. We allow small indoor pets- sure the clean is a bit more involved, but the financial reward is worth the effort. It gets us through the quiet period. Hope this little tip helps, good luck with your business. Regards, Jonathan.

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    @Jonathan - I am also in Australia (Victoria).  How did you go with your Prescribed Accommodation health permit when you changed to allow pets?  We are a registered food premise (so we can provide tea, coffee, milk etc to guests), under this permit we have the same rules as restaurants re animals in our rooms - none can come inside, except guide dogs.  If we decide to allow pets, we can no longer provide guests with anything they can eat - including tea/coffee/milk - how do you manage it? 

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    create more promotion
    and deal with genius partner program
    also u can give higher committion to for helping u do avertise

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    M Adamopoulou

    I have joined the PPP program, the Genius program and have using booster visibility with 20% commission.

    I have made season deals with 25% off the basic prices. Have post my review award 2018 to facebook and instagram so people know that my property has been awarded.

    Hopefully things will start moving....

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    Aaltje B.

    If I could, Katerinka12...   Off season you can offer people different things. Invest in certain books with a special theme that reflects your area. 

    Connect with people or groups where the tourists do go in winter and make your unit a starter or finishing unit before they return home.

    We invested in double glazing, insulation and warm bedding, stacks of firewood, a high-quality fireplace and the best chimney for safe warming.

    Chlorine-free showers in an area where it is definitely not common practice to have clean water

    Communication; make sure anyone will be comfortable to ask any question. 

    Late arrival, lost the way, keep fine-tuning the how to get there route. Especially for people who don't speak your language. 


    I know, our prices are too cheap! 

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    Greeting's Mr.neil.,

    i am from south india we have the same day's here too but below mentioned point's make us move a great one which i suggest for you too.

     Increase to be 50% Discount on  week days?)
    - provide (Free breakfast and car parking)
    - do not say the guest about the  minimum length of stay.

    -give the guest free cancellation policy in that dry day's, if you can.

    -give more compliment's for children and aged people

    put a meeting with the hotel group's near you and make a deal with them to offer more room with good percentage to them will give more booking's



    Marketing Manager

    for Hotel nalan

    south india

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