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    Melanie Schultz

    Hi Faye

    I get a lot of last minuet bookings and what i do is phone the guest strait away and ask him if he can pay the deposit into my bank and if they say they will pay cash on arrival i ask them what time they are going to arrive.

    I find that when i phone them they tell me they are not coming and are more likely to arrive

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    Graham Fisher

    Faye - if your system works for you and "ain't broke" don't try to fix it by modifying it ;>))

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    David Proudfoot

    I found that bookings made more than 30 days in advance almost always cancel if they are from outside Europe. So I introduced non refundable deposit to be made when booking. Reduced the problem but too many people offer incomplete or phoney card details so there are a load of invalid card reports with canceled bookings and too many failed charges on our card processor history each of which is a black mark.
    This week a travel agent in Kenya gave phoney card details. Spoke on the phone. That's her normal practice. Incredible.

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    Pita Lie

    To Faye: We change our cut off time from 24hrs to 48hrs because of that issue. That means guests only can book accommodation 2 days in advance instead doing last minute booking. Solved the 24hrs cancellation window time given by booking.com and also make sure they cannot rebook with the problematic card. 


    To David: Most of Asian and African travellers need visa to go to Europe and one of the requirements is to secure accommodations. Booking.com is the most popular platform to secure fake accommodation to ensure them to get visa as most of accommodations offer free cancellation. As far as I know, most big hotels now apply this policy that they will inform the immigration involved when pax cancel the booking (this is emailed to the booker when they make the booking). 

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    Graham Fisher

    I can only agree with Pita's comments about Asian and African bookings..... I have had phone calls in the early hours of the morning from the UK Border Agency asking me to confirm a booking made and cancelled is still valid.

    I then have to boot up the computer to give them the details of when the booking was made and cancelled from the Bdc Extranet... the "guests" involved are clearly going home on the next flight!

    The Border agency have now asked me to report similar bookings made and cancelled... which I do - if only to prevent my sleep being disturbed!

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    Jorge Lopez BedBreakfast

    I had a no-show and I am signed up for no-risk reservations.  How can I collect from booking.com.  No replies to my request for help.

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    How do you sign up for risk free reservations

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    Graham Fisher

    Mark54 - in my experience No reservation is "risk free" - the guests will always find some way round the system...

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