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    I solved it also, not offended at all and Im not sure why does it bother you... but somebody might be offended if that choice "Other" was not offered. 

    At the end of every survey there is usually a comment page where you can share this with people that will review result of survey.


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    Wayne Cahoon

    There are only two sexes, not other. So it offends me that everyone has to be so politically correct that the survey makers have to add that to the survey.

    Why can't I choose not to answer any question I don't "feel" like answering, like age? Does that negate all the other answers I did answer because I choose not to answer that one question? The program wouldn't allow me to continue so I had to stop and they never got to record my other answers, their lose.

    If you don't answer all the questions you can't get to the point you mentioned.

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    Personally I think age is possibly very helpful when interpruting the results. It may show that different things are important to different generations which in the long Whay are you offended by being asked your age? You are what you are so be proud of it. Im 55 but still a kid at heart :-)

    As for the sex - if a person is bi or trans, they can answer other, again you are what you are. Honesty is the best policy and you do need to be very open minded when providing accommodation and all guest need to be treated equally wthout taking personal 'opinions' into consideration.

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    Dmitriy Bolobolov

    Based on my experience with survives I'm not sure that we benefit from them. Ok, I answered the questions regarding age and sex just because I don't care. However, regarding such type of survive which is usual about extranet, using another OTA, % of bookings etc and I agree with Wayne it does not matter what sex and age you are. If you are going to carry out a survive to understand for example customer's behaviour than of course age and sex are important questions. But again, I always participate in survives and main concern for me is that nothing has changed. For example, Review Policy which is absolutely unfair and out of date and hurts many owners. That's why I can't take it seriously at all. But still keep hoping:)

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    Believe that some of these questions have made for bigger property like Hotels- Resorts but you need to make surveys for smaller properties like: bed n breakfast is little Inns something smaller that a large scale similar question searches I'm too off the beaten path for a small inn

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