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    Thanks for your posts, 
    Follow these 3 simple steps to add a profile photo
    1. Click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page header, then select View profile page.
    2. Click the profile icon in the profile, then select Upload a new photo
    3. Select an image. Use an image with a 1:1 aspect ratio that is no smaller than 80x80 pixels. The image will be scaled to fit.
    The image should now appear in your profile! 
    Happy posting :-) 
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    Hello everyone. Im greatful to join the forum. As a new guesthouse owner, I find that often one needs some advice from the experienced. Keep up the support team! 

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    Welcome PumieG, to the Inn keepers world

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    Hi Brooke, I'm not sure how to add a photo to my profile.  It comes into my comment box instead of where my photo should be.  I am somewhat technically challenged :( 

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    Why do you have to put a picture in?


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    I cant down load the award

    tried several times

    any suggestions?



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    This is a great place to hang out with owner like-minds. I just got into this as I have had voids since Christmas and decided to do something oddacious as I am not one to sit still and wait for something to come. Well done to all of you for leading the way to posting content here...your lights are shining bright and I am increasing the the brightness with my love and  presence. seeing you again soon x.


    Love and Peace Homestay.


    NB: How do I insert my photo please? 


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    Debbie Amarant

    Can not download the award :(

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    Hi, Friends.

    Im Lalani from Sri lanka.  ''Roses Cottage'' in Bandarawela. ''HOSPITALITY  HERO'' 2017 [GUEST REVIEW AWARD  2017] Once again THANK YOU SO and my guests.


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    Can I get to directly collect from my guests, as I travel often, I may not be around each time I have check-ins.

    I would like to have collect directly and take their commission then send me my fees.

    Is this possible?

    I have Square but would like to minimally use it.

    Thank you.

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