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    Personal touch is the most important. I welcome all of them with a map and explain them in person how to get by in restaurants and cafes plus in buying souvenirs - cheaper. All of them appreciate my local tips and tricks where to buy and where to eat while i am drawing everything on the map. 

    Also each guest gets a souvernir on the check out ;)

    interested to see other answers!

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    Richard Espinoza, CRM

    We always encourage them to talk to us about their country of origin, this always opens the door for a dialog and makes it easy to identify what they are looking for at the destination.


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    About 50% of our guests are from other countries.  While usually 1 person in the party will speak English, we always make an obvious effort to speak slowly and clearly.  We speak 3 languages here and guests usually prefer to communicate in English, since America is where they are on vacation.  We also provide maps and information on things to do in the area to which most people appreciate our efforts.

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    Thanks everyone for sharing such valuable advice. Looking forward to seeing more great suggestions on welcoming international guests. 

    Happy posting! 

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    Hi, I have set up some binders entitled "how does it work at ... property name... ?" I have one in English and one in French. I put the basic info such as my infos (phone #, email) appliances, garbage, internet connection, nearby shops and supermarkets, my recommendations for restaurants, the Saturday market,  before you leave... My guests find it very helpful instead of  having stickers everywhere

    and I have another binder with tourist info, maps, activities by themes, shopping...

    I welcome my guests in person. They like to meet with their host. Being bilingual is a definite asset !

    I have a washer, and I provide laundry soap. Think that international travellers have limited luggage and they will not carry around all kind of cleaning products, paper towel, toilet paper, body soap, shampoo. So finding these products on site is appreciated by the guests.

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    Younes Ouazzani1

    Hello ,  This always opens the door for a dialog , We speak 3 languages and guests prefer English , They like to meet with their host , Being bilingual is a definite asset , Our guest feel like home ,

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    This booking as been grate for me. I started hosting last year September and  so far I have 9 positive reviews. How can improve more than I do? 

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    Supic Blagoje

    I posted a few tips here and this one is really easy to use and create great experience to my international guests. Hope you find it usefull too.
    I have something like a small school blackboard. Prior guest arrival I write something as "welcome to my city" on language where the guest comes (google translate works just fine). I also draw the symbol of the city or the country where they come from. For example, if guests arrive from Paris I draw the Eiffel Tower, if guests are from New Zealand kiwi bird draw:). Guests are really happy and impressed with the attention. Try it and see:)!

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