What's your number one time saving tip?




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    Alan Smith

    Synching my calendar with my calendar on another website.  Now there is less need to manually block room availability on both platforms

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    I bake several batches of muffins at once, then freeze them.  Then just pull out what I need and pop them in the oven in the morning to serve on our continental breakfast buffet. Very fast set up in the wee hours of the morning.

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    Paul Chatwin

    I eat breakfast and lunch in one sitting so it frees up my daytime.

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    LOL Paul, I should try that.

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    Gary & Lynne Franks

    Email templates are great.

    Pulse is brilliant in enabling us to respond on the fly.

    Nightsbridge is also excellent once you set up the invoice and registration form templates, so you can generate all paperwork from one place..

    Credit card facilities make life a lot simpler too.

    We upgraded to a Speedqueen washing machine which has also really helped - it does a better job of washing in far less time.

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    No spare time to save -sorry !

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    Thuild - Your world of leisure

    This one might work and we will be testing it soon.

    Steam cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms with a steam cleaner. 

    Should mean no more detergents, less time spent on cleaning and better results. We will have to see how it ends up working out.

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    Prep your breakfast table the night before....

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    We prep our table the night before and prep the breakfast for the next morning to put into oven before guests come to the table.

    As soon as guest checks out, we prepare for the next arrival even if we don't have another arrival  that day.

    We have at least 3 sets of linens and towels always ready for each room; one on the bed, one in the laundry and another ready to put on.


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    Wendy Irene Cawsey

    We iron the sheets directly on the bed as they are being made. I invested in a cord free iron which is highly manoeuvrable and makes this chores relatively quick and easy. Mind you I only iron the top half of the sheets so guests get the feel that extra care and effort has been made on their behalf. Each of the queen beds has a doona, but I never insert the doona into the cover, as that is very time consuming, I simply place the cover on top and tuck it in neatly.

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    I always clean the place right after the guests departure, and I have the large bed ready all the time.


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