How many bedrooms is optimal?

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    Aaltje B.

    My place is for two people. And thought of adding to it. But I don't . Rather have another unit for 2 separately, since that is twice the amount. 

    Adding more beds, doesn't add more income. Look at extra beds to buy, sheets to wash etc. Rather not go there for a low price. It's a lot of work to leave a place tidy and tip top clean. 

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    I would like to offer our luxury bedroom with luxury en suite at a higher price than the one bedroom we already offer.  How do i do this

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    Aaltje B.

    Create a new listing, or add a second bedroom choice within the same house. The team can help you set it up. 

    Give the units a different name, like a colour, or a theme./ character. 

    Describe the differences well if you use one listing, so people get a clear idea of what they can expect. 

    Is this what you meant, Millie? 

    Enjoy the new experience! Greetings, Ella


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