How does payment work?

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    Are you new with If you check other postings in the partner forum you will see that last minute cancellations or no-shows are a big problem with clients. If you have cash on check-in policy, you loose! We had a guest yesterday who cancelled at 6:00 pm on his supposed arrival date, so we get nothing and the room was not available for anyone else to book on

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    Thanks for posting!

    Seems like a pretty big flaw, but if that's how it is I guess I'll have to work around it (somehow)!

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    Lotus House Luxor

    Oh my lord that a big problem for us too. We have much no show and people that canceleld late - AND other people we day no to cos we have booking from, wish we can solve this problem really. 

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    Joanne Buxton

    Hi, I am new to Have had a great couple of months but as you correctly say, if we are a cash only accommodation we are exposed to no shows and cancellations. I’m now asking for a 40% deposit to confirm. This needs to be paid within 4 days to confirm. But then if there’s no payment it still takes up to 48 hrs for to clear the booking.
    I have friends with holiday accommodation and they use other booking sites which take payment up front and forward balance. The more cancellations I get the more other sites appeal.

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    I've been learning as I go.  Initially I never charged a prepayment, cleaning, or service charge but if you don't you are out of pocket and out a booking.  I now charge 50% unrefundable prepayment of total cost.  I then charge the remaining 50% 14 days before arrival.  Sign up for square and you can charge a credit card - I only accept credit cards and advance payments so I know that someone will come.  Otherwise they don't show up and again you've lost a booking and are out of pocket.

    Square charges a service charge to process payments and refunds so hence I charge a 10% service charge to cover those costs.  


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    Hi Lisa - how did you get this to work - i only have the options for pay by credit card at the property or cash. How are you able to change the settings so you can charge by card via square in advance? Many thanks

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    I signed up for square as I also have my own business so I can charge people online - I just set up a separate account for guests.

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