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    Hello , 

    In our Hotel we use "laundry roller ironing machine" its perfect and doesn't take long time to iron them. Keep in mind that we have to choose professional one. Something important is that sheets must be a little bit wet to iron them fast but in a professional way and then you can hang in a dry place for short time then fold them.


    Hope this will be helpful for you .


    All the best, Esma Peca Manager

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    Thank you for the kind reply, Esma!

    I will definitely look into this.



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    Is something like this 

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    Yes, I took a look on Google, thank you.

    Not being a hotel, it would be pretty hard to fit a machine like that somewhere but it is worth looking into.

    Thank you again!

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    Chris Gregg

    Hi Sergiu,

    I don't know where you are based but for me ironing is a pain. I take it to a laundry service and for abit less than £25 i get bedding for 2 singe bed and 2 doubles washed dried and Ironed.


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    Patricia Crane


    I am with a bed and breakfast and understand your predicament with the large press irons but we have invested i an Elna Press and boy does this work well,

    Hope this helps 


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    I fold the sheets well.  Put them in a laundry basket until I have enough and am ready for pressing.  Then I sit down and open the sheets only slightly and press. (Have the presser good and hot) .  Put the pressed sheets into another basket. And off to the hotpress for use.  Susanna 

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    Thank you for your answers!

    @Patricia - I have exactly the same but a different brand. It works well, but you still lose a lot of time by pressing. Especially if you have multiple sheets to do. I'm interested in knowing how to minimise that time as much as I can.

    @Chris - indeed, giving the sheets to a laundry service can be expensive. For us it's not good business because the market in Romania has pretty low prices compared to other countries.

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    Rosette D'Souza-Rogers

    We have a Bed and Breakfast, albeit very small only two rooms.  We have sheets that are the iron-free ones  and wash almost every day as the guests are mostly one-nighters.  Once washed, place in the dryer with "Perm-Free" cycle, remove dust thoroughly and allow to dry on rack especially in summer months.  The sheets not only look ironed but they are fresh, which guests seem to like very much.

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    Allan Withers

    Yes, what a pain. We don't iron our sheets just wash them and hang to dry. Folded up correctly and they come out reasonable well. We have never had a bad compliant on our linen. 

    Our reviews of 260 with a rating of 9.5 speaks for it self!

    Regards, Allan, Millicent Hillview Caravan Park, Australia

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    la hempleman

    Hi we have lots of laundry and we invested in a miele press a folded sheet take 2.5 minutes and its perfect. just like it has come back from the laundry, so now the housekeepers in each property have their own press and our our linen is done in house and has saved a lot of money!

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    I am buying flat sheets now but still a lot of time required. Non irons are good idea and like Alan's routine too. I used commercial laundry for few months but big chunk of my profit is gone to pay its bill.

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    @la hempleman - thank you a million! So far this is the best option I've seen that's due to save a lot of time. Comes with a price but does seem to get the job done fast!

    @Allan - I know what you're saying but ironed sheets will always look better than the non ironed ones. And when you're struggling to stand out and give the max quality, this is an important aspect from our point of view. 9.5 is awesome but we're striving to maintain 9.9 and maybe even boost it to a perfect 10 :)

    Thanks for the great feedback, everybody!

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    Well im a small establishment. I agree with the above with one twist. I last went to  use non iron bedding, and gave up.  They can crease more than tesco s,  iron bedding, and costing 3 times the price.! So i dont pay too much attention now about iron or non iron, as i find they all need ironing. aND MY SON SON DID BUY ME THAT ELNA PRESS, for my birthday, but seldom gets used now.  WHAT I DO pay attention to is the PRINT.. A plain undecorated room, with bedding of multi colors and large prints. Ie not the nice square designs or striped designs or plain which all show the creases.

    My prints now show a large tiger face and hair,, with blues, browns, black, greys, reds, yellow, and every other color. I have 6 of these duvets now if you look on tescos for my review.. ..worth the money as the creases blend in with the multi colors. ie they give depth and definition is what my daughter would say. I would send a picture but dont know how to. viv

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    David Wendt

    For what its worth.

    I buy my sheets from a retail source that has a mixture of cotton and Bamboo fibre. The brand is Pure Zone.

    The sheets have a bit of stretch in them. I never Iron them, even though they make have some creates, I just fold them before use.

    Because they have a bit of stretch in the fabric, I can make the beds and then tuck them tight under the mattress. Perfect Finish with no creases and looks like I have spent hours ironing them.

    Look for sheets that have some stretch in the fabric. Pure cotton does not stretch and shows creases.


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