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    Same Problem and cant find an answer ! Have you got a solution for this yet ?




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    Great question! You’re not the first to ask, so we’ve created this Partner Help article to walk you through it. We also have a guide on adding restrictions so you can determine the minimum length of stay.

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    We were scratching heads and trying all sorts of combinations of min stay room open closed etc but couldn't get it right. 

    Sent message to via inbox on extranet and they sorted it. Then when I looked at the calendar next some extra options No Arrivals / No Departures had appeared. So I think there are different options for the calendar that need to be enabled before you can set up the change-over days. Hopefully picture attached.

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    Jess - I don't think these instructions tell the full story as I **think** this still allows someone to book say Thursday - Thursday. Initially we did not have the No Arrivals / No Departures as options so think this needs to be enabled before you can enforce only Saturday as change over days?

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    minimum 7 days rental? Why you don't mark each day 7 nights minimum and not just saturdays? 

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    Reply to pibomarco - 'Cos I do not want guests to arrive on a Thursday for 7 nights.
    ..And that is because, my next guests will arrive on a Saturday, & I will get left with odd nights empty.

    In the European school holidays we expect to be fully booked.


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