Fraudulent Bookings - Invalid Phone Number and Credit Card

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  • Same here, last summer we had two no hows when we were operating as cash only property and we even found out from friends that one guests had double bookings for same period at their place and that made me so mad. Got the credit card machine and now I take 30% in advance according to my policy and no cancellations yet but as I fill out my calendars I will make it more flexible. I dont understand those people really...

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    It happens to me all the time be aware of the bookings coming from nigeria and the last minute reservations

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    Sure, I was receiving unvalid CC all the time. All i did is report CC in extranet, if the card was not updated in 24h I just canceled the booking without even notifying the guest.
    Now I use Payments by (its great, less worries, less work, and no nigerians lol).  

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    Deer point hotel kandy view


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    I would be very careful about taking money in advance if the card is a fraud as i have just found out to my own cost of £328 your policies are not valid according to the banks,so like me i have a 14 day cancellation policy and took the money for a no show but the card was a fraud and got told that my policies are not worth the paper they are written on.

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    Ramon Regozo

    I have considered requiring some deposit which would ensure that the credit card is valid but I hesitate doing this because it discourages would-be clients, especially those that consider the flexibility of cancellation.

    I base that from personal experience. I travel a lot myself and, all other things equal, I'd pick a place with free cancellation and no deposit. There is too much hassle to ensure that you get a refund. 

    I think the better solution is that perform basic credit card validation at time of booking without charging the client. They are a big corporation, they have a good automated system, they have established interfaces with financial firms. 

    The other option I would like to explore is to have an option to require a deposit if the total charge is more than a given amount, say $1,000. I posted this question to the Inbox yesterday. No reply.




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    How the payment by works?

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    There are many perspectives in this case.. Specially in what place are you going. If it is a toruist place with a big demand, more strict cancelation policy will be etc, specially if you are looking for a "better" place to stay.. has a few solutions and you should just pick one. From my experiances, credit cards are not enough to secure the booking. Guest can always say to his bank that he didn't authorize the transaction, and the bank will refund him the money from your account. Bank transfers are time consuming, waiting for the guest action etc... again frustratign for the host. 

    The only solution where you don't have to worry about those things is Payments by
    Well the difference is that all reveneue from will go directly on your bank account. (which is not that OK for those, who are avoiding paying taxes to the locals etc..). You have to decide what is more important to you.  

    As I mentioned before, even a basic validation is not enough. Because guest can empty their CC after the free cancelation or they report to their bank that they didnt authorize the transaction, and bank will refund them..


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    We have instances where the guest provides a credit card which fails a simple pre authorisation of $1.00. We have marked it as an invalid card and waited 24hrs for the guest to provide another card and then cancelled the reservation.

    However, we find that does nothing to hinder the guest from simply booking again using the exact same card as there are no checks in place on the site to inhibit the guest from using the same card information

    SOLUTION: Similar to ebay, paypal, etc, it should be booking.coms responsibility to perform the automated $1.00 pre auth on their side to ensure the guest is providing valid credit card details.


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    Ross Wilson

    We have had 13 in the last 12 months of bookings through that we have had to pay back the money from stolen credit cards.Some of them the cards were not not stolen but the information of the numbers was stolen probably on line somehow. These people make their booking through, ring us to say they'll be late arrivals. We take the balance and leave the keys in a safe. Problem is they dont come down in the morning to check in and be IDd. We then cant contact them and they get away. take no responsibility whatsoever and put it all back on the Motel owner. We not only have to pay back the money we also lose commission, merchant fees for the chargeback then obviously the cleaning bill and the linen, chemical, power, consumables etc from the stay. Totally unfair.

    If we tell people they cant check in after hours we would lose a lot of business as flights still arrive near midnight from OS and interstate.  Expedia do a virtual credit card whereby they take their commission first and we use their credit card. Never a problem. I have spoken to our Banks Fraud dept and they are going to hold a forum with other main banking institutions here. Hopefully we can get an outcome which is fair and reasonable.

    Just saw the pre authorisation solution. This makes sense. How do we pressure to do this?


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    To avoid this issues you can activate Payments by BDC or you can activate "Online Payments" with BDC virtual card. 

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