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    We have apple tv devices in all rooms with an in-house (complimentary) Netflix account,

    we had a user sign in to their own account only once or twice 

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    I think a central system is better as you would have more control over it as Samuel mentioned. We offer free Wifi for guests and find that guests are happy to stream their own Netflix/Sky to their own devices if they have membership.

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    The Inn Keeper

    We Put an LG smart TV in each room but the features are pointless as I also upgraded the Cable to a new system that has so many great easy features that no one uses the TV menu. 

    We have a site B&B account and request people not sign into their own. The cable has voice search, on demand and no Fox news as I don't want to pay for it with so many options of things to watch. 

    The TV has Netflix signed in, Youtube, and Plex Media server is set up... but no one uses them.

    My advice, get a bigger 4K tv with the money you'd save by not getting a smart TV. But don't get a cheap TV. 

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    Adisham Wije

    adhishm village hoe haputale

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    If you have a Netflix account for guests to use is it a commercial account or just one under the motel name?


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    Hi, in our particular case we have a Netflix premium account (which allows you to stream to 4 devices at once) we setup Apt 1 Apt 2 Apt 3 Apt 4 as users in the Netflix menu and instruct each guest to use the user that corresponds with the room. we also use a few MAG254 Boxes with Papiao IPTV membership  (google it) for users who would rather flip through TV channels like they would do normally (with cable) 

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    Can see the value for apartments but as a small hotel we do not offer this as most stays are one night and more concerned about getting wifi

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    I installed LG Smart TV's last year in one of my properties and as they have been so successfull will be installing them into all of my properties over the next 12 months.  We live in a very rural area with exceptionally poor reception which meant we had to have digi boxes.  These have been a real pain as guest get confused with the different TV controls/settings etc.  whereas these LG Smart TV's offer so much more and are so easy to operate - even I can work them out and Guests love the Netflix and Internet facilities with them. Expensive - Yes - Worth the Money - Without a Doubt.

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    We had to upgrade our televisions so went for a Samsung Smart in each room.  Guests seem to love them and it is one less thing we have to worry about in regards to negative comments (although in saying that I'm sure we will get a complaint about them being Samsung and not being able to accept their device for whatever reason).  The Smart TVs do allow guests to access music, internet, emails etc so that has to be a good thing.

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