• Go to the Property tab, then "Facilties and Services" and it should be at the top of the page. :)

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    Thank you. Yes it's at the top of that category but doesn't allow me to change it from Yes to No ??? Anyone else can assist please? Thank you anyway for your advice :-)

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    Yabbath Dt

    Hi , can anyone help? I have breakfast included in my price, is ticked under facilities, also under room rates. Yet when people search for my area other properties have a green band across their photo stating breakfast included, mine doesnt, how can I get this added please?

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    Property -> Facilites & Services -> Meals (Do you serve meals?) -> NO

    If you can not select "No", contact support via extranet. 

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    you can see 'Rate Categories' under the meal plan in blue it

    then will open  a new details about your villa or hotel then select or remover your meal plan in there


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    THANK YOU!!! Finally it worked!


    Greatly appreciated.  Lisa

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