Is ground coffee a must these days?


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    Well.. the more you offer the better right? Go farest as you can. 

    We have a small bar with drinks, expresso machine, kettle for hot water with tea bags..
    I've made it as a "selfservice bar". Guest grabs the drink, coffee, tea,.. writes it on the list what he took and at the check-out i put it on the invoice. :) 

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    Supplying coffee is entirely up to the host - whether they do or don't is their prerogative.  To start rating coffee is ridiculous as it is highly subjective!  If a guest makes a coffee or chooses a coffee they don't then enjoy, why does the 'host' get penalised?  We give 3 choices of coffee (including ground) in our basic rooms, but in many cases guests don't know how to use the ground coffee & plunger.  We have a Nespresso coffee maker in the luxury rooms. But ideally we want guests to go into town, support the local cafes, and leave it to the coffee experts to provide the right coffee.


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    I don't quite agree. Why make it so complicated.

    Yes, we provide Ground Coffee and it is greatly appreciated  by most Guests.

    We bought a "Isomat" Coffee machine which works for years and years. We do no longer use the attached "Foamer, Steaming nozzle" as it is too slow. We bought a "Nespresso" Foamer ( To make the milk foam)  which is fast and convenient and can be bought separately for R 1000.00 at an Espresso shop...

    It is much  more personal making an individual Cappuccino than having a big pot of Filter Coffee which ends up being wasted.

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    My business has been open 10 years, from the beginning we put French Presseson the hospitality trays in each bed room in the bedrooms, we have our coffee packed (Coffee Care of Skipton) in sealed sachets with the right amount of coffee for each cafeteria.

    Both Caffinated and decaffinated, personally I won't use Nespresso due to to recycling issues. For Breakfast we do also  offer Hot Chocolate and like other contributers use a Hot milk machine 

    We have Dometic silent fridges in the bedrooms which also doubles as a mini bar but keeps Mild at the correct temperature.



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    At the end of the day it comes down to cost as well as service and it is nti an essential requirement from Visit England in the UK

    We cannot do this due to so many cut price hotels locally who are much higher up the lists because they take more booking despite having worse review scores too ! which forces us to put our prices down

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    I would definitely say yes. You could even go one step further and have a coffee menu. 

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    David allowing guest to rate coffee is a joke we are not coffee shops, will they be allowing guest to rate toilet paper next?? Budget style accommodation can only work on the money they receive from guest -15% but some still expect 5* everything.

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    The coffee rate is only visible to you (host) it is not public.. 

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    Is quality coffee necessary - don't know but I do think quality coffee is appreciated by guests. I used to use good quality ground coffee which I ground myself - bean to cup and used a pour over. However, there was always waste at the end of breakfast  (what I consider to be good may not be good to another guest) so I decided to invest in Nespresso Machines for breakfast and although per cup it is more expensive there is absolutely no waste - so you have to weigh both up against each other.  Guests really enjoy their coffee in the morning especially our overseas visitors.  I have also installed the Nespresso Machines in our guest bedrooms.   We still have the kettle and instant selections including the instant coffee and I would say that the instant is still what guests in bedrooms seem to go for. Perhaps they are scared of using the machines I don't know. I don't put hot chocolate into rooms but guests can have this at breakfast -it is more popular with our overseas visitors.

    Couldn't agree more with Dave It would seem that Booking.Com have lost the Plot and in trying to be all things to all men and experts in everything except the Accommodation Market. If they focussed more on that and not being 'failed caterers etc' we might not need this platform

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