Guests would like me to reserve them to stay an extra night, today!

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    Hi Yabbath,

    This is very simple to do. Open the guest's reservation on the extranet, and on the right hand side of the page will be a box that says "Change reservation dates and prices". Click on that box and simply change the check out date to tomorrow.

    Hope this helps.


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    Yabbath Dt

    Thats brilliant, thanks Amy,I shall check that now

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    Yabbath Dt

    Hi Amy,

    I found it, and tried but I am unable to access the change reservation date.


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    Maybe because you have it blocked off.  Try un-blocking it and then change the reservation date.


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    You can also just add the guest in for an extra night in your own system, and not change the booking through bdc. This means you wont have to pay commission on that night. The only time you really need to go through bdc is if they guest is shortening their stay. 

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    how do you unblock it?


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