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    I use a cloud based Property Management System by name of Openhotel. (

    I don't recall exactly, but is is like $5.00/room/month. I have been with them for 6 years with very few complaints. I think they connect to airbnb, not sure.


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    Starhaven Retreat

    We use Siteminder and have for the past 5 years, they are easy to use, very reliable however slightly more expensive than other systems. But we have found the ease of use is worth it.

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    Susanne W

    I'm looking at the channel manager known as Little Hotelier as opposed to Resonline which we've been using for the past 3 years.  Would appreciate some detailed feedback about the benefits of switching to Little Hotelier for a small property.  We have 10 units in our holiday resort.

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    I use Little Hotelier (5 cabins).  We've used it for several years.  Before LH we used QRes and I trialled Resonline too.  I just found LH to be more logical and easier to set up and use.  It streamlined the PMS in a more user friendly way for me.  I love that it now connects seamlessly for instant bookings via Airbnb too.  There are several widgets to integrate into your website (mine is here: or you can choose to have it as a pop up page from a book button.  

  • I also use Little Hotelier, excellent software that can do so many things. 

    Also the stability is important and the support team, which is great from their side.

    It might be costly, but it pays for itself.

    We had a different PMS and CM before, that was just horrible to use. Lacking so many options and it also created overbookings, funny, right? 

    @Angela  - cute alpacas :)

    @Susanne W  - go for it. You can trial their setup for 30 days, see how it works out for you.


    Zsolt -

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    Hi Guys!

    Nice to meet you all..

    We are using YiedPlanet channel manager and really like it.

    Aspecialy good for Booking extranet and all over platforms as well.




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    I use Nightsbridge and found the service to be excellent and it integrates with many other Booking sites and promotes extensively

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    Wow has such an aggressive sales / marketing. They got me on a phone just recently (don't know how they got my number).. for 15minuttes and couldn't let go. So annoying, with their sales pitch in every sentence (excellent, awesome, brilliant, we're best,...).. Feel sorry for their clients who I assume got basicly forced to take their services that are overpriced. They prey on weak characters. 

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    We are using Cubilis as a channel manager. Very happy with their support. Fast and on point.
    Funny what you mentioned about aggresive sales people @pibomarco. I had that with Siteminder. Their product seems fine by the way.

    We work with Mews as a PMS. If you are planning to change your PMS, take at least a look at Mews. They are not cheap but the automation and available integrations make it worth it. (no I have no shares in Mews, just a satisfied user)

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    Corinne Orde

    I use Freetobook. They're based in Scotland. Very reasonably priced as long as you don't use too many OTAs. There's no commission for direct bookings to your own website. The system works really well, and I've ever had any conflicting bookings or errors. Their help line is fantastic too. I always get an answer, in easy-to-understand, comprehensible English, within a few hours. Their interface is a bit clunky and needs an update. If they had an app like Pulse for notifications, it would be totally awesome!  Having said that, I can thoroughly recommend it as a UK-based solution.

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi everyone! There's been more recent conversation on this topic. Head to this thread to see what other members are suggesting for channel managers. :) 

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    We are using Siteminder and our Direct booking is handled by them too, under the software name 'Booking Button'.

    Very easy to use, reliable and covers most 3rd party booking agents.

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    I'm really confused about which channel manager to use. I tried Hotel Runner on a trial but their customer service is appalling! Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Try MyAllocator. 

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    MyAllocator looks great, however their fees are outrageous. I run a vacation rental company where I manage 7 one-bedroom apartments in 7 different buildings. That since they are in different locations, and I have 7 different property numbers in Booking, they say  I must have 7 separate myallocator accounts at a total cost of $196 per month ($2,352 a year). That is outrageous.  Anyone out there working with vacation rentals in different locations that have better experience ?

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    MyAllocator is great and has competitive rates comparing to other CM's
    They also have great and responsive customer support. 

    I have two properties:

    Property #1
    Total 16 units for the price 48,00€ per month

    Property #2
    Total 4 units for the price 29,00€ per month

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    Just found a tempting offer:
    Rate ONLY from 14,95€- 24,95€ / month

    Full Reservation system

    • Channel Manager
    • Invoices
    • up to 3 properties
    • up to 20 units(Rooms, Apartments)
    • Online Bookings
    • Online Payments
    • Email & SMS notifications
    • Sending Short Text Messages (SMS)
    • Widgets for your website(Booking Form, Price List, Calendar)
    • Website builder

    Also a great tool to register guests for ID cards, passports,.. (extra offer)

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    Hi Marco,

    I saw your post in regards to Wix and HotelRunner - Personally, I would love to create a Wix web site, but I am worried with the functionality of Wix Hotel App. As it sounds like you have experience with these systems is it possible that you help me out with a few questions:

    - You said that Wix Hotel offers a PMS system. Can you create reservations, close room in their PMS? And does it update the other channels (i.e. airbnb,

    - Could I control room prices from a channel manager and would the prices change in Wix Hotels?

    Thank you immensely for you time!


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    It depends, some features in wix hotel app were too limited "restricted" (main problem was setting minimum stay per room type). You could only set the same minimum stay for all units/room categories. 

    - Yes you can create/close in their PMS

    - unforunately this is the main issue I have with PMS's (generally) that can not be controled via chanel manager. 

    Overall I liked the layout and it's features, also the design was much better then any other booking engine I tried. 

    I would suggest that you try it and you'll see if it suits you. If I woudn't have that many different rooms/apartments I would probably stick with WIX app. 

    I still use their WIX website, but not Hotel app. 

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    @pibomarco thank you immensely for your help! 

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