Whole house for rent or rooms for rent?

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    If you rent by rooms, you maximize your income, and give you more options to regulate the prices to ensure you have full capacity, and you do not put all your eggs in the same basket.

    Hoever, it also means additional administration and cleaning time, and you are right, you will come into possible issues between the different guests. It really would depend on your objective.

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    Thanks 👌

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    I do both. I list my house as three different rooms and then as a whole house.

    In peak holiday period the whole house is more propular. In the down season rooms are popular - more single people travelling.

    Mostly I have not had a problem with different guests "sharing" the house. It appears to run smoothly and guests actually enjoy each others company, if they don't the house is big enough to stay away from other people.

    Finance wise, there is more potential for me to increase income with larger groups using the whole house. When I let rooms, I let per person price per room, ie one person could be occupying a room which has the capacity for two people. I do this because sometimes it is better to not have all the rooms with total capacity - it is more managaable with just three people. But that is just my preference.


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    @Ginascott57 great advises, thanks🙏

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    Udakanda Villa

    @Ginascott57 I have been trying (unsuccessfully!) to find an answer to this conundrum... Is it possible to list ONE property on Booking.com as both "Whole House" and also 3 x "individual rooms" without having two separate listings?


    I would be very grateful for your advice. And perhaps even if it is possible on other sites (if you are listed on others). Many thanks :)

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    We have in our Villa 4 rooms for rent. It started as help to pay electric and oil bills. We're renting on Booking.com and airbnb.com and also after many years of operating to returning clients.

    We're renting separate rooms, but sometimes larger group comes and take all Villa. Of course groups are better if they take all rooms. Problem is that owner family has his own part and family groups like all villa for themselves. I think you're better of renting rooms. On Booking you ether rent by rooms or one accommodation. There is no two options. FlipKey will do both.

    We are listing on WIMDU, Booking.com and AirBnB. Gave up TripAdvisor due to rates exchange problem and Expedia. We love AirBnB service as well their guests, most of them. Also what is importent you get money day after guests check in. Booking pay in the middle of next month after guests check out.  

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    It's very difficult to rent the whole Villa . My question is how do I list each room separately On booking.com? Is there someone I can contact to help me with listing each room separately ? Airbnb program is so much easier !
    Thank you for any advices!

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    Hey Ginascott57


    How do you list your house as three different rooms and then as a whole house? Please advise !


    Thank you!

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Nassine, thanks for your post!

    Another community member has the exact same set up at his property and he gave a solution in this thread.

    Hope this helps!

    Happy posting,


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    Annika Kilkson


    There is no solution in the other thread though, because the system is not capable of disabling the other option automatically. 

    Fox example: If someone simultanously books 1 of the rooms and whole villa, then one of the reservations have to be cancelled, because the system is not capable of disabling the other option automatically. Is there any way to achieve this in Booking.com?

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    Hi, I have listed 2 of our Villa's in Zakopane, Poland on AirBnB and Booking.com.
    For both places we changed our listing option in order to use iCal which allows us sync calendars between all AirBnB and booking. Because more booking is coming from Booking.com we use it as channel manager. Any direct reservation we posting on booking which will sync and update AirBnB and WIMDU calendars. 
    Before changes made we did have listed number of room together. You right if you have posted as 1 property and not listed separate rooms in this property one room reservation will block all. Villa will be your property and add rooms to it. You will have calendar for each room with price.
    It's simple to change from Villa to single rooms. If you need a help let me know. 
    It's not to much work if you have 3 rooms only. We have 17 and I manage it it. Pulse is very helpful and booking is improving it all the time.
    If they only pay faster for reservation instead waiting sometimes 2 month to get money from them. AirBnB is paying next day after guests arrive so we do not have to take loans to run business. We are very seasonal; Summer and Winter. 

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