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    I do not think so. 

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    This would be a great idea.  At the very least, partners should get genius benefits.  Other hoteliers could be told you are a hotel partner and offer a discount, knowing you would treat their property with respect and understand how the system works.  are you aware that some hotels do offer "industry rates" if you contact them directly, which would probably be preferable to the hotel, otherwise they would have to provide a discount and pay commissions. 

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    I also brought up this idea last week.

    I believe that it should be an option provided by BDC as a thank you for all of the money that we pay them.

    I would love to see this happen.

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    Veronika Group

    Unfortunately there is not. There is no way to book your stay using an account you use to log into the Extranet so there is no way for to know when a partner is making the booking.

  • No and it's not going to happen. It's impractical for them to implement this.

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    @Thuild it cant be impossible with today's technology and everyone is not going to misuse the option. 

  • Trus  - I didn't say it's impossible, I said that it's impractical for BDC, because the amount of resources it takes for them to implement this is not worth an effort. Same as with reviewing guests.

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    Reservation Hoteldakha

    hello sir how to sent some clarification some bills from our side  

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