Licensing problems with new law just passed on 8th of July for Valencia Spain


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    Not really a BC matter as it is local Spanish law causing the problem. However, do you have a time scale for receiving the new license? I know this be somewhat fluid in Spain but at least a rough idea.

    Don't cancel all your advance bookings, just those that you will definitely NOT have your new license in time for.

    Another point, depending on your local team at the Ayuntimiento, sometimes they will let you operate using the stamped application copy for your new license. We did this on a restaurant in another part of Spain, quite legal so acceptable to all the various departments that may visit. It helps to get to know your local people in lynch pin positions, in our case we knew the mayor who green lighted the whole thing. We operated for 4 years on the application certificate before we finally received the proper license to hang on the wall. Things are definitely tighter now but I'm sure there's some flexibility if you butter-up the right folk.

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