a way for my guests to get the key

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    Thomas (Austria)

    we installed a code lock at the entrance door. If we cannot welcome the guest personally, we sms them the code.
    There are different types of codelocks available. Even cylinders with keypad...
    all the best

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    Lesley Lusty



    We have several apartments in a single block. We have fixed keyboxes outside, with each numbered and having a different code.

    We send the details to the guest prior to arrival so they can check-in without someone meeting them. It works well for us as most of our guests are travelling longer distances. Some people arrive late at night, so this works well.

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    We own many properties, all those properties have private rooms.... Never the less we like that the guest stop by on our office to get the key and pay for his room... Then we tell where he needs to go....

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