Property owner can't issue invoice


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey there,

    I'd love to tell you. 

    So is not like any other booking platform. You will be responsible to collect payment from the guests yourself. You will also be responsible to pay the commission over to Breakage deposits must be handled by yourself.

    Remember also that every booking made on the website is confirmed immediately and you will be held liable for that booking. You can load your country house on yes. It's not just for large properties. 

    It's so worth it though, once you understand the userface, as your property enjoys international exposure. 

    Hope this helps, best of luck!

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    I'll share my experience so far.

    I privately rent out 2 studio apartments in Spain, so when it comes to issuing an invoice, I have it made out to be from me personally as a private person with my id number and address. Depends of course, how the tax and self-employment system works in your country. 

    About the guest payments - if you don't have a way to cover the guests, i.e. don't hold a credit card terminal, should offer you to cover guest payments and send you the difference, just like airbnb does. 

    Best of luck

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