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    Sara Jarvis

    Wendy well done it must be hard work,I find laundry and utilities the biggest expense I therefore do not allow guests to use my washing machine there is a self service laundrette for 5£ very near us.Do you find backpackers wanting to do loads of washing during a one night stay?

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    wendy crews

    Hi Sara Jarvis,

    We get a lot of freedom campers come in and do a lot of cooking and washing in one night. The washing machines are coin operated but we are forever having to fix them or buy new ones. Guests will over pack the machine so they do not have to pay for two loads. We do not have a lot of rain here so washing will dry very well outdoors. The guests will not pay for the dryer on a rainy day and I often find that they are trying to dry it in the bedrooms. Yuck, I put a stop to that


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    Big and small hotels here use one of two systems for their guests, rates per item or rates per Kg. We use the per kg system. 

    It's accurate and finite. x-price per kilo for wash and dry, z-price per kilo for wash,dry and press. 

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    M Adamopoulou

    Zsolt that’s amazing about the size of the laundry bag although I don’t charge for laundry for the time being but maybe in the future I will. Wonderful idea thanks again for your suggestions.

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