American Express being forced upon Accommodition Suppliers

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    Wonderfully written, thank you so much for sharing and we completely agree Chris. We are a small business with 6 holiday apartments and we do not use Amex either.


  • Chris, that is right.

    AMEX cards cannot be charged MO/TO, this is why BDC needs to figure out a way to deal with AMEX cards booking non-refundable rates as they can never be enforced.

    We receive AMEX card bookings, but for that channel (not BDC) we don't need to worry as they almost never cancel, only corporate clients come by this channel.

    We use AMEX, however because of the "MO/TO restriction" on it, we prefer asking them to use a different card.

    I agree, BDC needs to do something about this as it can easily be used abusively. 

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    Zsolt -

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    We have the same issue. And just found out also has applied this policy, so Amex pressured all of the OTA's to do this. Very bad for SMB's.

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    I have been told by that since we make use of their Alternate Payment options that future bookers using AMEX would automatically be given the option of Alternate Payments where we would then receive a virtual credit card.

    However, this last week we also received a booking from a Chinese national using AMEX.  This was for our standard or refundable rates.  Unlike previous bookings using AMEX, we were able to mark the credit card as invalid and contacted the guests to ask for a Visa or Mastercard or for them to make use of's alternate payment methods.  The guest did not reply within 24 hours, so we were able to cancel the reservation.  This, at least, is a step forwards in the right direction.

    We have also received reservations with our standard or refundable rates where the bookers used the Alternate Payments method.  One of our such bookings had the guest cancel within the allowed time frame and I assume that the guest had their payment refunded by  This is also good that guests can use the Alternate Payment methods and still have the flexibility to cancel without cost when necessary.

    I do not know if those accommodation providers who do not make use of the Alternate Payment system have the same possibility to mark AMEX cards as invalid.  It would be great if BDC allowed this. 

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