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    Laura, Community Manager

    Thank you all for participating in our Ask Me Anything: Partner Forum edition! We’re looking forward to hosting more AMA’s here on a variety of topics and hope you’ll join us again soon.

    As the forum community manager, I can answer all the questions we received related to the forum itself. Inquiries about calendar syncing, facilitating guest communication, channel managers and other business related questions are best answered by another partner. 

    Thanks again for your comments and questions, here are my replies:

    What is the difference between the Partner Help Centre and the Forum?

    The Partner Help Centre acts as a resource library with hundreds of guides written by the team, while the Partner Forum is your space to connect with other partners from around the world. With the exception of my occasional conversation starters, the content here is 100% written by partners like you.

    We agree that we could communicate this better and we’re working with our designers to create more signals like this one:

    Any plans to improve the mobile version of this forum, like the size of the text input box and the ‘help us improve’ box that partially obscures the screen?

    You’ve got a vigilant eye for design! We’re investigating this with our design team and hope to roll out an improved mobile experience soon.

    Could there be an online tag that appears next to our names when we’re logged in?

    While this isn’t the easiest feature to implement, we’re looking into how we can better facilitate real-time conversations between partners. Thanks for your idea!

    Any plans to improve our profiles, such as encouraging partners to add their first names or the country they are in?

    As the forum grows, we have been really happy to see English-speaking partners from all around the world joining the community! In the future we hope to be able to add many more options to the profile including location, property type and prompts that encourage everyone to use their first name.

    In the meantime, we have also created a guide to help other members with this task.

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    Atlas Montagne

    Please in new to booking. I do not know how to set price per person

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    M Adamopoulou

    Thanks Laura for your support and for helping us to get connected with other partners around the world by making the forum the best place possible for us.
    For me it’s being a great experience and thanks to the forum partners I have found many solutions to my problems and better understand how the platform of works.
    As a newbie I couldn’t figure out the difference between the forum and the help center and I think that some newbies might have been confused as I was so please explain how this forum works.

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    Mr Spence

    Well Laura, the Headline worked, you grabbed my attention there for a moment

    Ask me anything!?! sounds like a Utube Headline the type that arouses interest but once turned on lacks credibility as in your case. you then make limits as to what it is a member can or may ask you.

    Mr Spence Owner UK

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    Hi Laura, I'm new to

    I'm wondering if I make a dorm listing of 6 beds, when people book, does the website close bookings for people if the listing is booked by 6 people?


    Also I want to sync the calendar with the airbnb platform, thanks for any help.

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    OK, trying to stay within the very tight constraints of the OP I'll reiterate a question I asked elsewhere;



    Having used the mobile version of this forum a few times of late ( waiting at offices etc. ) may I suggest some layout changes.

    1) The input box is far too small, making it difficult to keep track on your message as you type. 
    2) The "Help us improve" box also partly obscures the type box. It, in turn, has only one option for comment. This post should have really gone to that link but there is no option for this kind of thing. 
    Small things admittedly but actually make the mobile experience one to avoid IMHO.

    Can this be fixed please.

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    Oh, another thought...

    What do the gang here think of having an on-line tag appear next to our names when we are logged in?

    Can be useful for holding conversations with specific members.

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    M Adamopoulou

    “The input box is far too small, making it difficult to keep track on your message as you type.”
    Fluff thanks for mentioning it I always use my IPhone since I have no internet connection. It’s very difficult to write also I cannot post photos.

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    Thomas Guo

    Could anyone share or recommend all-in-one website  (website, channel manager, online payment for a small bed and breakfast? Our bed and breakfast has 3 rooms. Thanks much!

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    Jan Terborg714

    Hi laura! we have recently had guests book thru one of your partner sites. this site send a fake lock box code. I love the fact that we are on more sites- but how can I be sure our bookers get the real box codes? Janella, property manager, diamond hideaway


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    Mr Spence

    Hello Thomas Guo, it sounds like you are hoping to farm out your business to a 3rd provider, I wish is my answer to that one.

    Want to keep life really simple and I mean simple, ask to take care of you payments, as a small provider they do have this facility, I personally use it for a another micro business I have in the UK a small 2 bed Bed n Breakfast.

    Then next, use Online Platform, all you need do is to run your calendar and skip the rest of them ie Expedia, Trip Advisor  and I hate saying it, Airbnb, which personally has never worked for me, faceless companies only manage to hit my anger button. Then simply sit back and relax.

    No more over booking, No more sleepless nights and above all else you will be using a Company that actually has a Customer Service Department, is the largest and the best in it's field when you need assistance. Try ringing Airbnb or find a contact service for Trip Advisor AKA Holiday Lettings and whilst Expedia has improved, in Europe it lags way behind.


    Try to run using multiple calenders or use Evivo to manage your calender, they are priced at around £35 a month and have a pretty good Customer Service, but they will NOT take care of your Payments, this you will need to source yourself, my choice is World Pay, but for a small operation the Standing Charge of over £11pm may kill your operation then add on the PCI Compliance thing and it all gets pretty expensive.

    When you see the issue with collecting payments with Calendar updates and the monthly subscriptions, it is evident why the all in one Service comes out on top at an all in price of 18% [15% booking + 3% Card Payments]

    Hope some of this helps

    Mr Spence Owner UK



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    Sara Jarvis

    I agree with Mr Spence.Let BDC take care of payments......I find friends on another forum who are stressed and hair tearing out on no shows and credit cards not working at 1 am in the rain....not worth the hassle

    laura great idea but often can’t answer on a small phone when trying to answer long business names ; how about first names and a flag or country for speed and friendliness

    thus I would be Sara UK

    joey is very easy to respond to, but of course it’s a matter for Laura and all of you.

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    Mr Spence

    Atlas Montagne  Are you still struggling with your problem or have you now figured it out  how to post different rates for different groups.

    Let me know and if you still need assistance I will sit down tomorrow and draft a DIY list of how to show your properties for 1, 2, 3 or 4 or more person rates, also how to run your own buy 2 get 1 free room Promo Rates. 

    Mr Spence Owner UK

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