Where is your dream holiday?

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    Not so much a dream holiday but more like places I've not been to yet.
    Mid and West coast USA, Australia and we're hoping to visit Cambodia next year, with Angkor Wat being the centre piece.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Cambodia fantastic!!!! I’ve only have visited Thailand. A magnificent country. Golden Royal palaces, ancient ruins, Emerald Buddha temple and so many excellent beach resorts. Wish you fluff you get the chance to visit that country.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey all!

    fluff , so you're the Explorer when you go on holiday? Busy seeing things, and going places?

    Because I don't have a lot of travel experience, my dream holiday is more like M Adamopoulou 's idea of a holiday. Shiny beach sand, an umbrella and surfer dudes looking all tanned running past me while I lounge around drinking ciders. I enjoy having the freedom to not have to adhere to a predetermined schedule. If I feel like going site-seeing then I go, if I feel like sitting on the beach all day then I do that.

    However, I have one or two international destinations that I really want to visit. And there will be no rest while I'm there. Scotland and Hollywood. 


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    M Adamopoulou

    Leandri wow!!! Are you know interested in being an actor? Let us know where to see you next...Scotland? Don’t believe it but I might also have a chance this summer to visit this beautiful country. Cross my fingers!!! Won’t be great if we could meet there? Life is full of surprises and I love surprises!!!

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