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    Recently I had a guest call me and wanted to pay me directly because she said that she was having a problem with's banking details and expressed an interest in paying me directly(BK.COM handles my payments).  I explained that they were usually very helpful at resolving these types of problems and I do not do direct bookings only via  Then I sent her a message later to check that she had been able to contact and resolve her issue but she didnt reply.  Shortly thereafter the booking was cancelled.

    What should I have done?

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    It depends on your own set up and preferences on handling of bookings and payments. If you do not want direct bookings then you will have to put up with people who prefer direct booking not wanting to book with you as they expect better value directly. (No commission to pay)

    The opposite is also true, if you did not want any OTA bookings then you would miss out on potential guests that prefer that method.

    We use both methods and actively promote direct bookings to the maximum as our preferred method.

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    Lisapatrick does such a great job of payments but you are correct, the long term payback for our accommodation will be better as there will be no commission to pay. :-) thanks

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