Add Information re Cancellations to the Home Page.


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    Cancellations are not displayed clearly enough on the extranet.

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    Great idea. I do find the Cancellation emails to be very helpful and the notification via Pulse however it would also be great to see these on the Home Page.

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    AG Lodging

    Yes, there is!

    Go to Reservations tab, select some time frame (for example from 1. Jan. until today), and filter Reservation Status = Cancelled. You will get list that you want.

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    Reply to AG Lodging: That's not what I mean. My point is it should be easy and clear visible on the HOME PAGE, where you can find RECENT BOOKINGS & RECENT REVIEWS. In the same way I would like to see RECENT CANCELLATIONS.


    I don't want to waste time searching other sites after CANCELLED BOOKINGS when I have a HOME PAGE summary of essential points.

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    By the way, you have misspelt the word CANCELLATIONS & CANCELLED, It's spelt with 2 "L", not one "L", thank you.

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