Hasn’t paid me for ANY reservations

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    Which feature did you activate for payment? "Payments by BDC" or "Online Payments"? What is your selected payout method? 

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    when guest book (or try to book) with me, I process their Credit Card for the down payment.  I have control of the the billing and money.  Not  However...way too many "no funds" when I try and process the down payment.  But at least I can cancel the booking with Bad Credit Card status and it frees up my calendar.

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    How does the Payments by BDC work @pibomarco? I'm not sure we even have that in Australia yet.

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    BDC collects all payments from the guest. You get paid on 15th of each month.

    In some countries this feature is not yet available.

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    This same thing has happened with me.... 3 months of hosting guests in a small guest house in north india and we haven't been paid at all. Now owe us over 50,000 rupees - we are dependent on this income for the rest of the year when it is impossible to have guests in this area. 

    Despite many messages and phone calls, we have not been able to make any progress. Feeling frustrated and completely cheated by this website. Our whole family is being badly impacted by this and not replying... or paying us!


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    That doesn't sound right. 
    To my knowledge, you get paid by BDC only if you have activated Payments by, but is this feature available in India though? Did you perhaps activate Virtual / Online Payments? In this case you must colect money from BDC virtual card. 
    If none of the above, then you should colect money directly from the guest. 
    I mean the policies are quite clear. 

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    Malakidhani sounds they are using the same scam with with you as they did with my small business. My advice? Bug the crap out of them. They paid me only after I threatened to sue and go to the news because they are running a scam. Once they paid me though, (after 3 months of stressful calling back and forth and countless emails.) I closed my account as soon as I could. Best thing I ever did since starting my business. is a literal nightmare to deal with and I tell everyone not to use them.

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