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    AG Lodging

    Prices can be set in the calendar section. First, select the dates you want, and then enter the price. The price will be applied for selected dates. Then, you cam select another period and set a different price for it.

    To change details for reservations that are already made, select the reservation, then go to Update this reservation -> Change reservation dates and prices.

    Although it is possible to change the price for the accepted reservation, it is not recommended! The guest booked at some price and he expects to pay this amount. Increasing the price after the booking is made will discourage the guest, probably resulting with cancellation.


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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Minorca and welcome to the forum. For bank details you have to go to your Extranet Finance tab then scroll down to Bank details and there you can edit your Bank details.
    Have a nice weekend!!!

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