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    I too have no understanding of how much commission is charged. and so far have been able unable to get an answer please explain in simple English .        I also don't know why the site is so complicated, please explain.

    You have asked me to add my bank details, I can't change the country from Italy to the U K which is where my bank is and you also don't ask for a bank account number.

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    I have the same problem. Why can I not have the details of the commission charged?

    Just one amount for the month-- no details -- not good at all. Please help!

    l also struggle to synchronize with Airbnb. I have set the min days for a stay to 2 days, but people still book for 1 day only.  Please help!

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    The rate can vary a little for different counties.

    Speaking for my location;

    Base rate = 15% (I have noted some countries are a little higher)

    Preferred Partner Program = another 3% (total 18%)

    Genius program = another minimum 5% charged after the above.

    Remember to check your Promotions area in case something is lurking in there!

    For your areas exact rates ask BDC directly or your account manager if you have one.

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    hi from hanno residence id no.1337500, we have an reservation no show and u send me the bill commission  period 01/01/2019 till 31/01/2019 amount due 89.25$ but it was reservation (***)no show , why i pay this commssion normaly u took it from the client because its no show .

    plz reply 


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    Wrong place for your question.

    This is a forum for property providers registered with BDC.

    If you need specific booking/finance information you will need to ask your account manager (if you have one) or use the messaging system in extranet.

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    plz check the comm. for the rerservation ***



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