No-show, showing up after cancellation

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Paul,

    What ended up happening?

    As far as I know there are rules regarding the No-Shows. If you mark them, then they forfeit the booking and you cannot be held liable. But I will have to check my facts,  I'm not doing the effort now as this thread is a month old. Will check if I get a response.

    Keep well. 

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    My question was theoretical.

    It did not happen.

    Thanks anyway.


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Paul,

    My apologies, I was almost certain that you wouldn't reply as the post is so dated. I checked this out because I also have no idea what would happen.

    In the agreement between the property and there is the following written:

    "... in all other events Commission will be charged in the event of overbooking or a no-show (unless the Accommodation has notified of the relevant no-show within 2 business days after the scheduled date of check out of the Guest) or a charged cancellation (cancellation in violation
    of the free cancellation policy of the Accommodation) and shall be calculated in accordance with the confirmed booking."

    That's about the closest thing I can get to No-Shows in the contract. I suspect if a person arrives at the property then you need to contact immediately. My question would be, if you rented out the room again because the original guest didn't pitch, is that called Overbooking? Because there are serious consequences to Overbooking. 

    Hopefully more partners will jump in here as the post is now under Recent. 

    Keep well Paul

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