Show and Tell: Payment policies. What's yours?

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Tejaswi, 


    Indeed, I am in the same position as you are, as Lanski said. Check via the help section and ask a question via extranet  Inbox second column or help (yellow circle) and ask a question there. 

    Stripe seems to be a big company, so they must sort the problem, they have a lot to loose if they don't. 

    Wishing you the best. 

    Aaltje B. 


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    Stripe is a small company located in valley in Los Angeles, and the way they work dosnt meet any minimum standards of a company , ANY company , looks like ether they too small and trying to swim with the sharks or bangheads that don’t give a dam about anything else or super smart that just drained Booking partners money . Google them and see how many lawsuits they have . Ether way it looks bad. If I as a host will provide this kind of customer service which is zero I will stay out of business very quick . Spoke with booking yesterday and they admitted they have a Sirius problem with stripe.

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    I have 3 different properties listed on 2 of these properties have condos and 1 property has 16 rooms.

    My first condo property has a set up where Bcom collects payment from the customer directly which works the best.

    The second condo property I have, I have to collect the prepayment and balance from the guests which works sometimes okay and sometimes not.

    3rd property where my smaller and cheaper rooms are, I have to collect the prepayment and the balance. 

    So the first property works like charm. Payments are handled by Bcom and customers rarely cancel. In fact, I think I had 2 or 3 cancellations at most last year.

    2nd property also gets rare cancellations but customer often complain that they didn't know we would collect a prepayment. 

    My 3rd property is a disaster when it comes to reservations. I get so many cancellations after I try to charge a prepayment, it's not even funny. Just last fall, due to large availability, I had changed the policy to no credit card required for same day bookings and I received a fake reservation for 6 rooms or more ( I can't remember) and of course they were no show. If I don't charge a prepayment some people show up and some people don't. They don't even pick up the phone when trying to call to see if they're actually going to arrive because it's past 11 pm and my office closes at 10:30 pm.

    This is getting very old. Bcom has to see that almost everyone is fed up with fake reservations and customers. Read the comments here and see for yourselves. Creating a trend where property owners are put at unfair situations like that is a bad business. You have got to do something to better handle transactions. 

    Best regards,


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    Aaltje B.

    It looks like Bdc is in serious trouble if Stripe company is not upfront with what happened. 

    But who come first, the business of Bdc or the business owners with their units that they rent out. 

    I guess it is the people who do all the hard work. 

    And I assume you did pay commission all these months. I am wondering what is happening behind the scenes. Assuming that Bdc do have lawyers in place to get things sorted. 

    I think it is good for Bdc to play open card and be transparent about the background. Otherwise they will lose too many good hosts. 

    Hope we all get to hear soon what the outcome will be and how affected people will be reimbursed! 

    Best of luck, 


    Aaltje B. 

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    I agree with your comment on the 3rd property -"My 3rd property is a disaster when it comes to reservations. I get so many cancellations after I try to charge a prepayment, it's not even funny"  I have 90% failure when I try and process the Credit Card on booking for the down payment.  My only property listed with (I have 5 condos) experiences NUMEROUS cancellation due to insufficient funds.  Too Bad...I wounder what's going on.  I've expressed this to numerous luck.  They must be going thorough rough times, but are missing out on a LARGE AND RICH condo market in the USA.  The market needs more competition to AirB and Home Away. Too bad...too sad!  They spend LOTS of $$$'s on advertising so they should get their acts together to reap the fruits of their efforts.  Perhaps their Hotel customers are more pleased with the way they are running their company.

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    We using BC 100% to collect the money from guests. For the last 6 months all the credit cards of the clients ate Denied / declined due to insafition funds. Which is not true, BC gave all the power of charging and transferring to Us the hosts which now working withStripe .

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    When I started my B&B 6 years ago, I was very naive to the business. The first year, if someone phoned for a reservation (as I was not online for the first year), I would just take their name, phone number, date of arrival etc but no credit/debit card to hold the room for them, the guest could pay by cash or card when they arrived. I had little or no cancellations and 'no shows' but I quickly realized...the guest who paid by cash at check out was always the one (not all cash paying guests, but some) that took something from the room, usually the large towel. Then I changed my rules and they had to give me their card details at the time of booking, even if they were coming that evening, but I didnt take a booking fee and again they could pay cash or card on arrival/check more items taken from the room ;)

    IF towels go missing again, I'll phone them to say they can keep it as I will charge it to their card !! But if they take some thing from the rooms you can be sure they wont come back again anyway.

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    Mashi Niwarthana

    I'm really glad about the payment with We just have to pay their commission on time. Actually sometimes I was late to pay their commission. But I try to pay their commission on time. Because I haven't met people  like these. i'm on several sites, but is the best.! always try to help us and they have helped me several times. Thank you 

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    Yes same here, we lweteconecofvtyr first to join this option that booking collect the money and transfer to us. Great customer service that always in help when needed. My bigest complain is in the recent 6 months we didn’t got payed due to company name Stripe e that now working for booking and do all the collection of the money and suppose to transfer to us. The way I was explained and see Stripe collected the money in behalf of us and booking and now not releasing or giving any explanation or response to this matter . Booking needs to cut the relationship with Stripe to be the best company again

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