Remittance, Invoice and payment ????

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    Aaltje B.

    Can you give an example (copy) of payments etc  so it is a little clearer? 

    Then it is easier to answer as well. (of course white-out info that is not relevant for us)  



    Aaltje B. 


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    Hello Aaltjie, sorry cannot do as these documents are confidential but if you look at your documents received from they must all balance in amounts. The resolution given to me was issue a valid tax invoice referencing as recipient and not the guest, you do not take off the commission. is not interested in receiving a copy of the invoice and at least you can balance your banking account income statement. How balance their  books at end of the day is their problem as long as authorities cannot proclaim money laundering I can live with it.

    Cheers Dave

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    ???? +???? +????

    "Accounting officer is going" ... He didn't do anything yet, but he Will...

    " can't understand..."

    Well, we either. Because it's confidential, right?

    Booking gave resolution, but "they must". And after all, "its their problem" 😂

    Well, as you have said, you can live with it... 

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