Question of the Week: advice for first 30 days?


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    M Adamopoulou

    Thanks Brooke for this post.

     The reservation was made two months ahead and although I send them a couple of messages there was no answer. They only informed me they were coming to my place an hour before check-in. I was so anxious when they came I cannot describe it in words. They were a beautiful, very generous, friendly and polite couple that we became friends from the very moment. Of course they loved our place and  left us an excellent review. So I would suggest just be yourself and try to be cool, cool, cool.

    Dont worry be happy and your guests will appreciate everything you have prepared and done for them.

    If some are naggy, nasty, unthankful again be cool. Handling the situation with kindness try to  convince them that they have come to the right place. Positive thinking helps sending good  vibes to everyone....

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    Aaltje B.

    New to 

    This forum would be an excellent tool to see how other people are doing things. 

    Since you will have many questions, you can find the answers here most of the time, and the help centre will do their best to assist you. 

    It could be disappointing to read about some negative experiences people have, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, and hosting is not for everyone. 

    Having ears to listen to guests needs is a big one. The challenges you go through, take them as a learning curve, you will get there.

    And don't be afraid to adapt or change the "recipe" if things don't work out. There are many ways to Rome too, haha. 

    Team up with someone who's in the trade for some time. That is very helpful. 

    Don't wrestle with problems too long, ask assistance. It's OK to ask for help. 

    Wishing you many fantastic guests and joyful hosting days ahead. 


    Aaltje B. 



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    M Adamopoulou

    Very well said Aaltje B.

    You might be new in but your life experience is valuable and of course hosting is not for everyone....

    Have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!

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