How can I avoid cancellations?

Guests cancel for various reasons, but there are some easy ways to help reduce cancellations.

Be responsive
Guests often cancel because they don’t receive timely (or any) replies from properties after making a request. To respond quickly on the go, download our Pulse property management app and try the instant messaging feature.

Be mobile-device friendly
Guests who book on smartphones and tablets tend to cancel less. You can appeal to these customers by adding options that make booking from these devices easier, e.g. Last minute No Credit Card, No Credit Card details for domestic bookings, or No address details needed.

Open up last-minute availability
Last-minute bookers tend to cancel less, so make sure you’re available and visible to these customers to sell more rooms.

Reduce length of stay restrictions
Guests who book shorter stays tend to cancel less, so loading availability without minimum stay restrictions is a great way to attract these customers.

Basic non-refundable rates
Loading a basic non-refundable rate can help you reduce cancellations and secure guaranteed income because guests can be charged in advance, whether they cancel or not.

Learn more
Visit the Analytics tab on your Extranet to learn more about the cancellations you receive and how they compare to competitors in your area. The Cancellation characteristics section compares cancellation rates by different types of guests and gives you more data on when cancellations tend to occur.

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