Why are reservations being moved from fax to email?

We put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions on this topic below.

Why am I being switched from fax to email?

First and most important, we want to provide you with a secure and reliable way to access guests’ booking info. We also feel it’s important to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

How will I be able to view guests’ credit card details?

We recently communicated the changes through a note on your Extranet, but here’s a quick reminder:

- Credit card details can be retrieved up to 3 times within a period of 10 days, starting from the day the booking is made.

- CVC codes can be viewed one time.

- After the switch, you’ll need to change your password one time in order to view credit card details. Click on the Account icon to the top right on your Extranet and select Change password. Your new password should:

- Have at least 8 characters

- Use at least one letter and one number

- Be unique every time you change it – for security reasons, don't reuse old passwords

Can I switch back to fax?

No, that isn't possible. This is a permanent move based on security of information and reducing environmental waste.

However, based on partner feedback, we’ve come up with solutions to the most common issues that have come up:

- If you’re concerned about a poor internet connection, or if you have a seasonal property, you can use our Pulse mobile app instead of your computer. It includes instant messaging and text message notification features that keep you fully updated on your reservations.

- If you're not familiar with the Extranet, we can assist you with articles on how to check your bookings and credit card details.

- If you need more employees to access to these details without having full access to the Extranet, you can set up a new login account with restricted access.

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