#BookingHero FAQs


Why #BookingHero?

The idea for #BookingHero was born from conversations with our Partners. You told us how proud you were to work in hospitality. How proud you were that you don’t have customers – you have guests. That even if you try to leave the industry, you inevitably end up coming back. Because hospitality isn’t a job, it’s a vocation.

And we thought that deserved to be celebrated, in a big way.

Every year, our Guest Review Awards recognize the properties that give consistently great guest experiences. #BookingHero was our way to honor the people behind those great experiences – the ones going above and beyond, every day. The unsung heroes. Our heroes.

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How does #BookingHero work?

  • We invite guests to nominate their #BookingHero on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • They tell us the name of the property, the position of the staff member who was their #BookingHero and the story of how this person went above and beyond
  • The best story will win the #BookingHero €25,000 to spend on Booking.com, plus another €25,000 for the guest who nominated them
  • Two runners-up will win €5,000 to spend on Booking.com – both the #BookingHero, and the guest who nominated them

Is the story in the email you sent me true?

Absolutely. Here’s Courtney, the ranger and the elephant.


How can I opt out?

We understand that some properties or their staff would prefer not to participate in the #BookingHero campaign. If you’d like to opt out your property, or a staff member would like to opt out, please let us know bookinghero@booking.com

Where can I see the T&Cs?

You can find the full T&Cs at www.booking-hero.com/terms-conditions

Why social media?

We could’ve built an entry form on our website and asked guests to tell us about their #BookingHero there. But by entering on social media, not only would we hear stories about our amazing Partners and their above and beyond hospitality – the world’s travelers would too.

What are my chances of winning, given how many properties (including big ones) are listed on Booking.com?

We recognize that with 1.5 million properties on Booking.com and 1.5 million room nights booked every day, the chance of being one of our three #BookingHero winners is a bit like winning the lottery. However, we hope that by having stories of your incredible hospitality shared on social media, every nominated #BookingHero and their property is, to some degree, a winner. However, if we run this campaign (or a version of it) again in 2018, we’ll look at what else we could do to reward lots of hospitality heroes, and not just a very lucky few.

How are you going to choose the winners?

In addition to meeting all the requirements for valid entries as laid out in our T&Cs, we are looking for three things:

  1. Has the entrant demonstrated how their Booking Hero has gone above and beyond to show high levels of hospitality?
  2. Would the experience be unforgettable for both the entrant and their Booking Hero?
  3. Is the entry interesting, engaging and of a high standard?

This decision will be made by the Promoter (Booking.com) and an independent third party.

How are you preventing fraud?

We are conscious that with such a big prize on the line, there is a risk of fraudulent entries. As such, we’ve introduced a few elements to minimize the risk:

  1. We’ve limited entries to those relating to Booking.com stays one year prior to the competition being announced, so no one can book a stay specifically for the purpose of generating a #BookingHero story
  2. To add, the entrant has to prove that they did indeed stay at the property, and book it through Booking.com, and we’ll verify the evidence provided
  3. The Booking Hero must verify the story

When can people enter?

The competition is open from November 18th, 2017 to November 30th, 2017.

What if there are multiple people at my property in the same job role?

When we email our list of entrants to check the validity of their entry, as per the T&Cs, we’ll ask them for the name of their Booking Hero. Failing this, we’ll work with the Partner to determine which staff member is the Booking Hero in question.

If my hotel wins, can I share the money prize money across all my staff members?

Sorry but no, the prize is non-transferable and will be credited to one Booking.com account.

Can I take the money as a lump sum?

Sorry but no, no cash or other alternative to the prizes are possible.

Who will judge the competition?

The judging will be done by the Promoter (Booking.com) and an independent third party.

Where can I find the winners list?

You can request the first names and regions of residence of the winners by emailing bookinghero@booking.com in the four weeks after 22nd January 2018.

How do I know if I have won?

The three winners (both entrants and their Booking Heroes) will find out they have won on December 4th, 2017. They’ll learn whether they are the major prize winner or a runner-up on December 19th, 2018.

If I win, how will I receive my prize?

Prizes will be credited to the winners’ Booking.com accounts on January 22nd, 2018. If any winners don’t already have a Booking.com account, they’ll need to create one.

What if the Booking Hero no longer works at the property?

Booking Heroes must remain employed at the property for the entry to be valid.

Can people enter more than one story?

No, entries are limited to one per person.

How does the prize money work?

There is one main prize of 2 x €25,000 of Booking.com credit (€25,000 for the entrant and €25,000 for their nominated Booking Hero), and two runners up prizes (€5,000 for the two entrants and €5,000 for their two nominated Booking Heroes). Booking.com credit can be used to pay for stays at any Booking.com Partner property that accepts Booking.com wallet credits. The credits will be valid for five years from the date that they are credited.

The story happened 20 years ago, can they use it to enter?

No, the story must have occurred during a Booking.com stay be between November 18th, 2016 and November 18th, 2017.

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