What is ranking

The way we present properties needs to be relevant. We aim to match the right product, with the right person, at the right time. Therefore, ranking is a complex and scientific approach to optimising this for both partners and customers.

Our aim is to provide customers with suggestions of properties that will make them happy, therefore driving the right customers and high-quality traffic to partners. When partners and guests are well matched and proper expectations are set, this leads to higher conversion.

What is included in ranking?

There are many different factors and elements that influence ranking. This includes data from partners and customers, ranging from click and booking behaviour, to conversion, availability and pricing data, as well as the facilities of a property. Ranking, therefore, isn’t just dependent on one thing.

Basically, anything we know about our customers and partners is factored into how our search results are ordered on Booking.com.

Millions visit Booking.com every day and we want to make your property stand out as much as possible. Every customer and accommodation partner is unique, so our dedicated team is here to make sure that your property appeals to the right audience.

How do you influence visibility?

We have various tools to help you get the most of your Booking.com page. But, first, make sure you have all the basics set up, so you can your basics are all set to grow organically.

We offer tailored advice based on four specific areas: pricing, availability, content and extra features. All of these create a complete profile so we can match you with the right audience.

Through continued improvement of these topics, plus a healthy guest review score, you’ll help your property achieve a higher position in search results – making it stand out to more bookers looking for your accommodation type.

A higher ranking position will help lead to more bookings, fewer cancellations and more satisfied guests.


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