Do I pay commission on canceled bookings? only charges commission on confirmed stays, so we don’t charge a fee when a reservation is cancelled. Remember to always inform us of any cancellations, so that an invoice isn’t generated and you’re not charged commission.

Here’s how you can cancel a booking:

If a guest contacts you to cancel their booking, please advise them to do this via their confirmation email, or profile. Guests can find this link on their confirmation.


For help on what to do when you have an overbooking, take a look here.


If the guest hasn’t shown up, mark the reservation as a ‘no-show’ in the ‘Reservations’ tab in Connect. For more information, see this article.

You can only mark the guest as no-show from midnight on the day of arrival and up until 48 hours after their original check-out date.

After this point, you won’t be able to report a no-show.

Invalid credit card:

For information on what to do when the guest has an invalid credit card, please see these tips.

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