How does the booking process work?

You got a booking for your property – awesome! There’s no need to do anything yet. As soon as the guest has filled out their details, they’ll receive a confirmation email from us. You’ll be sent an email with the reservation details and any special requests from the guest.

Once a guest books with their card and these details are sent to you immediately, you can process the guarantee, partial, or full payment (depending on the type of booking). If the card is invalid, please take a look at these steps.

You can easily check your upcoming bookings, cancellations and special requests by logging on to the Extranet. Click on the Reservations tab and you can browse your bookings, filtering by arrival, departure, booking, or invoice date.

By checking the Rates & Availability tab on the Extranet, you can get an overview of what is available to reserve on, as well as make any changes regarding opening more dates, or making certain rooms or dates unavailable to book.

Our Pulse app allows you to respond quickly to guest requests and connect with customers in a convenient way.

The app includes features such as a calendar and an overview of arrivals and departures. You can manage your availability and you’ll also get notifications about new bookings, guest reviews and cancellations.

Download the app here.

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