What is the ‘Preferred’ programme’?

"Preferred" is an exclusive status we award to our high-performing properties. Once you’ve achieved an average review score of 7 or more and you meet the criteria listed below you’ll benefit from extra features, in return for a slightly higher commission amount.

Preferred properties appear towards the top of search results, next to a thumbs-up sign. A larger number of customers can easily see that we recommend your property as one performing well on Booking.com – and one that’s popular with bookers.

Preferred partners get an average of up to 65% more page views and 35% more bookings.

What do I need to be part of the Preferred Program?

You should be performing among the top 30% of properties in your area and match the following criteria:

  • Average guest review score of 7.0 or more
  • Higher-than-average conversion rates (attracting lots of visitors to your page, who then go on to book)
  • Low cancellation numbers (in relation to the number of visits to your page)
  • A flawless payment record: you always pay your commission invoice on time
  • You offer a good amount of availability and a selection of popular rates to Booking.com

Guest Review Score – equals 7.0 or above.

Performance – A requirement for any partner to join the Preferred Partner Program is to be part of the top 30% performing properties in your area. This is calculated automatically and unilaterally by Booking.com and based on and influenced by various factors, including but not limited to the commission percentage (to be) paid by the Accommodations, the minimum availability stated by the Accommodations, the number of bookings related to the number of visits to the relevant accommodations page on the Platform, and the ratio of cancellations.

To find out if you’re eligible to join the Preferred Program, log onto the Extranet and click on the Opportunities tab. If you meet the above criteria, you can click Join now to opt in and start enjoying the benefits of being a preferred partner.


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