How can I set up a non-refundable rate?

A non-refundable rate is a room-only price without any extras.

Customers pay the full price when they book and will be charged a fee if they cancel.

It’s the simplest and lowest price you can offer and will provide you with extra visibility on, as well as guaranteed bookings.

How can I set up a non-refundable rate?

1. Make sure that a non-refundable cancellation policy has been created. You can check this within Rates & Availability by clicking on Policies

2. Add a new rate category in the Rates & Availability tab:

Select Rate Categories, then click Add new rate category and fill out all the necessary details.

Click Review rate category to check the details, then click Save rate category.

3. The new rate category will appear in the Calendar in the Rates & Availability tab.

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