What happens when I have an overbooking?

An overbooking is when you have more than one booking for the same room, apartment, house or whatever kind of accommodations you’re renting out – and as a result, you have more guests than beds.

We understand that mistakes can happen. If you do get an overbooking, you’ll need to relocate your guest to accommodations that are both nearby and of a similar (or higher) price. You’ll also need to cover the cost of any transportation, phone calls, and the price difference between your property and the new one.

If you need a hand with any part of this process, feel free to contact our Accommodation Services team, who are available to help 24 hours a day.
Commission is still applicable to these bookings, as the responsibility for your availability lies with you. However, if you’ve only been on Booking.com for 30 days or less, or if you’ve had fewer than five overbookings in the last 12 months, we won’t charge you any commission.

When it comes to avoiding overbookings, the best way is to keep a close eye on your availability, which you’ll find in the ‘Rates & Availability’ section of the Booking.com system.

It’s also important to remember that if you get a booking through another website, you need to make sure you close or adjust your availability on Booking.com. If you work with several other platforms and OTAs, you might consider using a channel manager – a system which helps you to keep on top of your availability across all channels, saving you time and money. Booking.com’s system is fully adapted to integrate with over 400 different channel manager programs.

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